Pema Osel Ling Retreat Center Redwood Santa Cruz Wedding

Stars, and rockets, and moons- oh my! When Lauren mentioned to me that she was having a celestial themed wedding, I was so pumped! It was the natural theme of choice for these two extremely intelligent, space-loving scientists. Nestled into a grove of giant redwoods at Pema Osel Ling Retreat Center, a beautiful wedding was about to take place with surrounding natural beauty complimented with splashes of blues, purples, plenty of glimmering stars, and a few very precious rings.   


The couple met at the same college as I attended- University of California Santa Cruz. This is how I know Lauren, as we spent many fun nights together on the university’s cheer team! The two moved to Chicago shortly thereafter for Lauren to start her graduate program in Planetary Sciences.  Lauren and Jack’s proposal was nothing short of breathtaking. While on an adventurous vacation to Iceland, Jack knelt down and asked Lauren to spend forever with him amongst a magical white and blue sea of glacial ice.


The couple decided to get married back in Santa Cruz not only because most of their families are here in CA, but also because it’s where their love story first began. There were so many amazing parts of their wedding day but my favorite, by far, was the ceremony. You will never in your life hear a ceremony as custom to this couple as the one I heard that day. I wish I could recount the entire thing for you- but what I can tell you in that it was the most amazing love poem including aspect of life, love, earth and space. One part that really stuck with me was the meaning behind their rings.  Jack’s said about his ring “I take this ring, a metallic meteorite from the far reaches of our solar system as a symbol of our long-lasting journey.” A sapphire was chosen specifically for Lauren for its unique way it came to be, it’s reliance, durability, and beauty- so much of it ringing true with Lauren & Jack’s past, present, and future. Lauren’s last words in her vow to Jack was “I promise not to take for granted our precious time together on riding this little moat of dust, this speck of a planet, in love and happiness as long as possible.”  


To Lauren and Jack – thank you again for allowing me to serve you on your special day! I had a blast getting to know you two, your friends, and your family better. I won’t forget how amazingly precious you two looked during your First Look, that extremely special ceremony, or Lauren- how you rocked your wedding dress with the most epic twirls!  Your wedding was truly one for the books- filled with star sparkles, laughter, beautiful redwood trees, and dance. Good luck on your future move to Hawaii! I’m so jealous- I hope two see you two with beautiful tans and tropical drinks soon!


Venue: Pema Osel Ling Amphitheater of the Redwoods

Flowers: Costco

Bride’s Ring: Miriel Design

Dress: David’s Bridal

Earrings: Jenny Packham

Shoes: Kailee P

Jewelry & Hair Pins: Amazon

Grooms Attire: ASOS

Grooms Ring: Jewelry By Johan

Bow Ties: Wormbo on Etsy