Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco Engagement

It was the crack of dawn. The sun was just starting to spill onto the golden walls of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The entire place filled with a gentle hush. There were no cars whizzing by to be heard, no tourists snapping photos with their cameras, nothing. Just a gentle breeze and a few morning birds starting to wake up. Anna and Jonathon emerged from their cars, a little sleepy, a little disoriented, but dressed to kill and with such beautiful smiles on their faces. He had on a sharp black suit, and she wore a stunning off-the-shoulder red lace dress. Not to mention her red-bottomed Christian Louboutins and that beautiful engagement ring gracing her ring finger!

This sunrise session allowed us to have the entire iconic place to ourselves. It was such a peaceful way to start the day by allowing them to express their love without the onlookers of busy crowds. Anna, Jonathon, and I walked around the venue like it was our private little kingdom. Snapping photos under the beautiful archways, near the peaceful pond, and everywhere in between.

To Anna & Jonathon- thank you again for sharing you love with me and allowing me to document part of this new journey you two are about to embark on with each other. Our session together showed me that your love is so rock solid for each other. So playful and kind. I won’t forget your beautiful smiles as you two danced beneath the stunning columns. Or the way Jonathon made you laugh, Anna, as he struck a pose in front of the grand emerald doors. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you two! And I hope I can have the honor of getting you two in front of my camera again in the near future.